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  Nameasc Description Label MSDS
Hexazinone 75DF(methyl-triazine)750g/kg)

A water dispersible granule herbicide for the selective control of grasses and broadleaf weeds as listed in ratoon sugercane and for non-selective use in sugarcane breaks and verges

HEXAZINONE 75DF (methyl-triazine) - LABEL.pdf HEXAZINONE 75DF (methyl-triazine) - MSDS.pdf
Imazamaxx (Imazamox 40 g/L)

A water soluble concentrate herbicide for control of annual broadleaf weeds and grasses in crops as indicated.

20190205_100415_IMAZAMAXX (Imazamox) - LABEL.pdf 20190205_100415_IMAZAMAXX (Imazamox) - MSDS.pdf
MCPA 750 DMAX (MCPA 750 g/L)

A selective soluble concentrate hormone type herbicide for the post-emergent control of annual weeds in crops as indicated.   

MCPA 750 DMAX (Dimethylamine salt, Phenoxyacetic acis) - LABEL.pdf MCPA 750 DMAX (Dimethylamine salt, Phenoxyacetic acid) - MSDS.pdf
MEGA 2,4-D(2,4-D (piridinyl-oxyphenoxy compound) 480 g g/ℓ)

A selective hormone-type herbicide for the control of weeds in maize, grain sorghum,wheat and other cereals, sugarcane, lawns, golf-courses and grass pastures.

Mega 24-D (piridinyl-oxyphenoxy compound)- LABEL.pdf MEGA 2,4-D(2,4-D (piridinyl-oxyphenoxy compound) - MSDS.pdf
Metribuzin 75WG (Metribuzin 750 g/kg)

A water dispersable granule herbicide for the selective control of grasses and broadleaf weeds on crops as listed

METRIBUZIN 75WG (metribuzin, triazine) - LABEL.pdf METRIBUZIN 75WG (metribuzin, triazine) - MSDS.pdf
Mistic (Imazapyr (Imidazolinone)

A water soluble post-emergent herbicide for the control of certain annual broadleaf and grass weeds as listed.

Mistic (Imazapyr (Imidazolinone) -Label.pdf Mistic (Imazapyr (Imidazolinone) -MSDS.pdf
Monelo 90 WDG (Terbuthylazine 900 g/kg)

A water dispersable granule herbicide for pre- emergence control of annual broadleaf weeds and certain grasses in crops as indicated well as industrial and other non-crop areas as indicated.

MONELO 90 WDG (Terbuthylazine) - LABEL.pdf MONELO 90 WDG (Terbuthylazine) - MSDS.pdf
Motif (Metazachlor 500 g/L)

A suspension concentrate herbicide for the pre-emergence control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in crops as listed.

MOTIF (Metazachlor) - LABEL.pdf MOTIF (Metazachlor) - MSDS.pdf