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  Nameasc Description Label MSDS
Divert WG (Triasulfuron 75 g/kg)

A water dispersable granule pre- and post- emergence herbicide for selective control of various weeds as listed in crop situations as indicated.

DIVERT 75WG (Triasulfuron) - LABEL.pdf DIVERT 75WG (Triasulfuron) - MSDS.pdf
EPTC S EC (EPTC 720 g/L)

A selective, soil incorporated, emulsifiable concentrate herbicide with added safener for the control of annual grasses, nutsedges and certain broadleaf weeds as specified in the crops as listed.

EPTC S EC (Thiocarbamate) - LABEL.pdf EPTC S EC (Thiocarbamate) - MSDS.pdf
Equate SL (Imazethapyr 100 g/L)

A water soluble concentrate herbicide for control of annual broadleaf weeds in crops as indicated.

EQUATE SL (Imazethapyr) - LABEL.pdf EQUATE SL (Imazethapyr) - MSDS.pdf
Exadia 250 EC Oxadiazon (Oxadiazole) 250 g ℓ

An emulsifiable concentrate herbicide for the control of weeds in the crops as indicated.

Exadia 250 EC Oxadiazon (Oxadiazole)- LABEL.pdf Exadia 250 EC Oxadiazon (Oxadiazole)- MSDS.pdf
Fenox (Oxyfluorfen 240 g/L)

An emulsifiable concentrate herbicide for the control of various annual grasses and broad- leaf weeds in the crops listed.

20190205_095919_FENOX (Oxyfluorfen) - LABEL.pdf 20190205_095919_FENOX (Oxyfluorfen) - MSDS.pdf
Flick Flack (Florasulam (triazolopyrimidine)75 g/ ℓ

A suspension concentrate post-emergence herbicide for the control of certain broadleaf in the crops as indicated in the Western, Southern and Eastern Cape.

FLICK FLACK (Florasulam (triazolopyrimidine) -LABEL.pdf FLICK FLACK (Florasulam (triazolopyrimidine) -MSDS.pdf
Fluzie (Fluazifop-p-butyl)125 g/ ℓ)

A post-emergence emulsifiable concentrate selective herbicide for the control of annual and perennial grasses in the crops as listed. It can also be used for the chemical ripening and eradication of sugarcane as well as the suppression of grass growth and seeding on verges.

FLUZIE (Fluazifop-p-butyl) - LABEL.pdf FLUZIE (Fluazifop-p-butyl) - MSDS.pdf
Fopstar (Propaquizafop 100 g/L)

An emusifiable concentrate selective, systemic post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual grasses in crops as indicated.

FOPSTAR EC (Propaquizafop) - LABEL.pdf FOPSTAR EC (Propaquizafop) - MSDS.pdf