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  Nameasc Description Label MSDS
Acathrin EC (Fenpropathrin 200 g/L)

An emulsifiable concentrate insecticide with contact and stomach action, for the control of the agricultural pests on the crops as listed.

ACATHRIN EC (Fenpropathrin) - LABEL.pdf ACATHRIN EC (Fenpropathrin) - MSDS.pdf
Acetak EC (Acetochlor 900 g/L)

An emulsifiable concentrate herbicide for the pre-emergence control of most annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in the situations as indicated.

ACETAK EC (Acetochlor) - LABEL.pdf ACETAK EC (Acetochlor) - MSDS.pdf
Agritap SP (Cartap hydrochloride 500 g/L)

A soluble powder contact and systemic action insecticide for the control of various pests on crops as liste

AGRITAP SP (Cartap hyrochloride) - LABEL.pdf AGRITAP SP (Cartap hyrochloride) - MSDS.pdf
Agrithal Flo (Chlorthal-dimethyl 480 g/L)

A suspension concentrate herbicide for the Pre-emergence control of various annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in onions.

20190204_102024_AGRITHAL FLO (Chlorthal-dimethyl) - LABEL.pdf 20190204_102024_AGRITHAL FLO (Chlorthal-dimethyl) - MSDS.pdf
Alaris WG (Dithianon 700 g/kg)

A water dispersible granule contact fungicide for the control of the diseases in the crops as listed.

ALARIS (Dithianon) - LABEL.pdf ALARIS (dithianon) - MSDS.pdf
Alkanox EC (Fluroxypyr 240 g/ ℓ / Triclopyr)120 g/ ℓ)

An emulsifiable concentrate selective herbicide for the selective control of various weeds in the crops as listed

Alkanox EC (Fluroxypyr Triclopyr) - Label.pdf Alkanox EC (Fluroxypyr Triclopyr) - MSDS.pdf
Antagon (Dodine 400 g/L)


A suspension concentrate, local acting systemic fungicide with residual effect on crops as listed.

ANTAGON (Dodine) - LABEL.pdf ANTAGON (Dodine) - MSDS.pdf
Argento (valinamide-carbamate) 250g/l

A Suspension concentrate, systemic fungicide for the protective, preventative and eradicative control of late blight on potatoes and downy mildew on wine and table grapes.

Argento (valinamide-carbamate) - LABEL.pdf Argento (valinamide-carbamate) - MSDS.pdf